The Glass Key (1935) Crime, Drama, Mystery, George Raft, Claire Dodd, Edward Arnold
In an attempt at reform, crime boss Paul Madvig (Edward Arnold) closes down a gang member’s gambling den, then offers support to Senator John Henry’s re-election, hoping to marry Henry’s daughter Janet. Paul and his loyal bodyguard, Ed Beaumont (George Raft), are soon immersed in the brutal murder of Janet’s wayward brother Taylor — whose girlfriend, Opal, is convinced of Paul’s guilt. With the involvement of a vengeful gang member and a willing press, it falls to Ed to clear Paul’s name.
Initial release: June 15, 1935
Director: Frank Tuttle
Music composed by: Victor Young
Story by: Dashiell Hammett
Screenplay: Kathryn Scola, Kubec Glasmon, Harry Ruskin