Cleopatra’s Daughter (1960) Adventure, Drama, Romance, Debra Paget, Ettore Manni, Erno Crisa
Cleopatra’s Syrian daughter (Debra Paget) is framed and sentenced to be buried alive in a pyramid with her husband.
Cleopatra, after the civil war that followed the assassination of Caesar, met with Marc Antony in Assyria where they planned the defense of Egypt against the Romans. Before leaving, Cleopatra entrusted her young daughter, Shila, to the rulers of Assyria to be brought up as their own. After Marc Antony’s defeat and Cleopatra’s death, Egypt, for the next twenty years, was torn apart and ruled by a youthful Pharaoh, Nemorat, with his despot Queen Mother, Tegi, who desired to unite both kingdoms and strengthen her son’s rule by conquering Assyria and making Shila, now a beautiful woman, his queen.
Release date: February 1963 (USA)
Director: Fernando Cerchio
Music composed by: Giovanni Fusco
Screenplay: Fernando Cerchio, Damiano Damiani
Story by: Fernando Cerchio, Damiano Damiani